Friday, September 18, 2009

Perfection leads to delays

When I started this blog I thought of all that it could be. I would be the next BIG food writer and the New York Times would be knocking on my door for my recipes and insight. Uh, yeah..No!

In focusing on what it could be I had lost the site of what it was...a forum to express my thoughts and achievements on food. There is one dear friends (Cat's Litter Box) and one awesome sister (Will Travel For Wine and Food) that also have blogs. They are true outlets for what makes them happy. They are not money makers or a place to hit it big (though the practice is not bad). They are places that they share what they love. I feel like I have lost that concept recently.

I look to both of them to take a new approach to The Non-Foodie Foodie. I am getting married in a year (YEAH!). I hope to share what I learn on my journey to the alter and maybe a few cool food things along the way!

So I, Heidi, promise to chill out on the perfection and profoundness of every blog posting I do and to post more often! Perfection is what leads to delays because, truly, nothing is ever perfect!

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