Monday, June 20, 2011

My Second Assignment (After Class Feedback) - Describe the Smell of a Food Item

Assignment #2 - I kind of missed the mark with the smell, but it's still a pretty good story to read. 

The Doughnut...

The raw, flour scented dough is something unspectacular until it meets the unassuming, unflavored hot oil. Once the two meet, the air fills with the scents of vanilla and butter. After 30 seconds, the scent of crisp, sweet bread is added to the mix and in a final 30 seconds, the circle of once raw, tasteless, limp dough is a fully cooked, sturdy cake scented slightly with honey, surely evoked by the beautiful golden color of the ring.

It falls off the tray, too hot to be touched and rests while the bath of powdered sugar and cinnamon await it. Once cool enough to touch, it is thrown mercilessly into its awaiting power cover. The heat of the now cooked hoop lets loose the spice and sweet of its coating, melting the super fine sugar powder creating a perfect glaze. Waiting with its circular brethren, it sits emanating its sweet vanilla and spice aromatherapy, ready to be enjoyed.

Cider Doughnuts c/o The Web

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